Sunday, 16 September 2012

Dita and Art Deco

I would buy absolutely anything what Dita von Teese would decide to sell. And I mean everything, even Art Deco cosmetics that aren't renowned for excellent quality.
Art Deco, decent brand.
Not thinking long I bought ;
637 Follies Pink lipstick
620 Parlez-vous 
607 Bon Bon
Lip liner 6 Vermillion 
and 10 Dame
Eye liner with a brush
Nail Polish 10 Dragon Red Lady
and 25 Femme Fatale
369 Opulence sparkling eyeshadow

Eye shadows are so nice, toned and bright. I promise myself to buy more. Opulence the one I have is too soft... I use it only under eyebrows. Too soft but well, Dita almost made it by hand!

About nail polish...I don't really understand the idea of using silver-ish 180 moonlight, that could be great worn by itself, described in Art Deco inspiring instructions as the base under 30s - 40s half moon manicure which is a pure nonsense!!! 
Half moon manicure  was created as half moon to give glamorous look to growing nails. So it always looks nice. Simple. By using moonlight base it will just grow as one piece coloured nail and the effect will be just as ordinary as fully painted nails. The point is Not To Use any base, just colour in half moon shape.
Dragon Red Lady is in excellent colour for me. My skin is with cold, blue, pink undertones. This red is with drop of pink and maybe violet, there's something cold about it so it fits great. However I think all warm toned skin ladies should skip it.
It's not resistant though...
Every day for hours I spin the ball on roulette circle so I do test nail polish.
Dior -my lovely Saint Tropez- and Mac Shirelle -which was just too warm for me- have not comparable strength and so if I do it once a week it looks great.
Art Deco last in my lifestyle 4 days and it's dead gone.
Femme fatale I'm saving for later.

Eye liner, gel, is suppose to be waterproof -at least I read it somewhere - but is very very far from it. Just after few hours it leaves a mark. However I found an easy way to live with it, just applying line of dark eye shadow where the mark appears.
Before I've been using amazing Waterproof liquid MAC eye liner which is absolutely everything resistant. To remove it, is another kind of art. It takes time and patience.
But it dries quickly in the package and fast you need buy another one for 20GBP. Also right after applying it's necessary to wait before looking up. It dries long when applied and can make small marks which can not be removed, so you need to fight with a bit of oil and fixing everything again. 
Dita's liner is black black, not so difficult to draw a line but not so quickly either. I know I won't buy it again but it looks quite economical so maybe after years we'll split finally.

Lipstick Follies Pink made me very satisfied. It's quite toned, rather deep dark pink without fluorescent reflexes. 

Parlez-vous is a red lipstick with orange undertones.

Bon bon, well... drying lips as much as possible. I've never had to use any moisturiser under lipstick but it changed with bon bon. Right away lips look cracked and dry. 

Bon bon doesn't really cover, is in 1/4 this kind of light kind. It disappears in few hours. Dita recommends to blend it with her Vermillion lip pencil - which is just perfect together with Parlez-vous - and yes it is possible to blend it but the outcome looks similar to Parlez-vous just slightly brighter and it needs constant correction. I wanted to have orange lipstick so I resigned melting it with Vermillion liner and quickly it appeared I have no liner at all to use it with this pure orangy orange. So I started to wear it without any liner and it works! but I have to put moisturiser and lipstick together and correct it the same way over and over again. In the end of the day I have cracked lips.
Never, ever again.
Anyway Dior's lipsticks are always No 1. so probably that's just one time thing with Art Deco.
Lip pencils are goood! I like when it's rather hard just like drawing pencils (HB or even H1).
Vermillion goes with red - red and Dame with dark red fits perfectly with Pink follies.

In generally is long as Dita promotes it. But I would never buy it in UK. For some reasons -taxes- it is 1/3 more expensive than anywhere else. I did my shopping in
and in German online shops on I found all I need which is unavailable above.

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