Sunday, 19 August 2012

Tibi has his birthday

It's Tibis birthday. 

No, not today, on 25th, but nothing can possibly collide (f.ex. Mr G's visit)    with this date which is just as National Holiday, so just in case I celebrate it earlier and so this is my Gift...
I fallow his instructions - he forced me not to buy him any presents since Life with me is the biggest thing he could ever had (yes Ladies! My Man is really romantic). So as always obedient I decided to give him this..
I guess I've never told him how much he makes me happy and how important he is in my life.
I've never met anybody who could be so perfect in space sharing as he is. That's definitively the basic secret of our relationship. I appreciate so much his sense of order and organization. 
And all those little things he does...
  • Sometimes I wonder perhaps he thinks I'm disabled since no man ever took care of me the way he does. In spite of my wide knowledge about cartography that I had during my studies he will still draw a clear route (if I want to go shopping) on my map and huge cross to point our flat so even if I try, I can't get lost. 
  • He knows how much I hate to get up in the morning...and at any other time so he will always call me (if can't do it personally) from wherever he is and make sure I'm up at required time.
  • It's enough to mention what I like to eat, to find kilos of it the next day. And he will always make sure it's there in huge amount... always and forever.
  • When I have so-so-day, suddenly I find my favourite wine chilled in the fridge.
  • He is not drinking, has no knowledge about alcohol but after all this time he practised and can  find so tasty wines that I started to wonder...does he get help from out of space.
  • When I'm sick he will make sure I have all medicines I need.
  • I never carry or lift anything if he's around. With my growing heart I'm looking at him, bended under tons of shopping bags and backpack, and I want to take something just to help him since I have only a clutch bag, and he's screaming at me to leave him alone because all this heavy weight 'helps him to keep the balance'.
  • Sometimes he's shouting that he will throw out my two guys (cats) after one of them pees or vomits here and there, but secretly I know that he loves them a lot.
  • He pays attention to what I like and dislike.
  • He brings me flowers !!!
  • He's not smoking because of me.

He is a good person. You don't find many people like this nowadays. Sometimes I do feel like a bad one next to him; ignoring red lights, putting back everything not on it's place, plotting, being 'a bit' vicious; but must admit I get over it quite fast so we can stay in a happy balanced relationship. (and don't you ever try to use this against me!)
He learnt to tolerate me looking quite strange sometimes. And he still likes me best from the 'kitchen side' of my look. He will always be honest and tell me that 'I'm wide in this as a bike road', 'I look in this like a man' (it made me very angry once) and in that as 'russian babushka' or 'cleaning lady'. 
He's my Love, my Today and Tomorrow.
That's why I love to spoil him. He's always happy as a small boy. 
Because I want only this what's the best for him (I hope it's good) I made a cake with his favourite cookies that he's obsessed with recently.
For you My Love, I did it all by myself, only for you. 
It does tastes better than it looks for sure!

Thanks Agata ;)
I couldn't help it! I treated delicje with your Zubrowka...

While you're chewing, afterwards or in between your poker tournaments, look what I found for you.
Book that was an inspiration to occult group Vril, that inspired Nazi, that inspired Hitler, purpose of WWII. 
Leedskalnin writings (1945)
The man who created Coral Castle, who supposedly knew how pyramids were built.
...and maybe...
...just maybe I'll take you to the cinema.

Happy Birthday!

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