Wednesday, 5 December 2012

A bit of Class and Glamour under the Christmas Tree

Christmas is coming! It's time to work on  our self improvement. Especially for those who like to be lazy and mobilize only for a reason. 
Let's go back to the past, to those golden days!

Let's promise ourselves larger dose of glamour - since more is always better than less - and more satisfaction from life.

Especially nowadays when all values disappear with a blink of an eye. Women wander around the streets basically naked, people have sex on the side walk (yes, strange London streets at 4am) and art of casual conversation is dying. 
Maybe the art of any conversation or rather art of thinking vanishes.... 
It just happened I met a girl who's name didn't stick to my brain, unfortunately, who got this strange need to talk to me. She approached me with a question:
- How do you do your hair?
I didn't have time, willingness and found it boring but still I answered.
- Your hair is so damaged, it looks so bad, no shine at all. I !!! take care of my hair very much that's why it's so nice besides I don't want to become bald. It will fall out.
And she disappeared.

Perhaps it's my environment or could it be me?
If yes, could it be 'Dave' my workmate? Random guy asked him: 
- Are you Dave? 
- No, I'm not. 
- Are you sure? You look just like Dave. 
- Who is Dave anyway?
- You know; this fat guy.

However now when I think of it... I had (I'd like to emphasize Had) a friend, lady G., who as my guest, under my roof, using my electricity and hospitality practised the same art of conversation. Once, during London trip day, she asked me.. 
-So, what kind of perfumes do you use?
After very detailed pictured I built for her including Where, How much and Why I love so much Agent Provocateur she just simply replied:
- Because you smell like an old lady.

I've been thinking about myself What do I do wrong? Am I not aggressive enough? too patient? ...or really...?
But then if you've ever experienced such thing and have doubts just look at this persons life:
depression, failure, complexes or - simple explanations always work - stupidity. I admit it warms me up from inside and brings sentimental memories from Denmark that is living it's own life fortunately without me and ... I smile.
I know, it all starts with parents, so how can you blame them.
Let's promise ourselves (hopefully - They will do as well) something no one can buy or receive; 

more Class for next year.

Savoir vivre is French and means living a good life while staying elegant and smart. (noun)

And let's remember - the art of saying Get lost is as well important.


  1. Very well said Miss Lola Polka. Unfortunately people's values and standards are all upside down nowadays... and what seems to us - those unfashionable, well-behaved people - outrages, others perceive as normal... and stupidity is hard to fight - often we are not even allowed to present our arguments... oh well... more glam it is for us :-) keep writing!

    1. Yes! People don't pay attention to details any more.
      MeLady!!!Let's take GLOVES for instance.
      Long GLOVES are appropriate to long dresses with short or without sleeves. 3/4 length GLOVES fit with sleeves and short ones with everything.
      However greeting symbolises peaceful intentions so generally we should shake 'naked' hands. But opera GLOVES and generally decorative GLOVES may stay on woman's hand, while dancing, greeting, smoking - but only when using Porte Cigarette. Always every kind of GLOVES have to be taken off while eating.
      Opera length GLOVES should never be put on in public.
      And men... well... always take it off and never kiss a hand in GLOVE!!! if you intend to, at all.
      This all makes me think of my beautiful black leather mid length GLOVES with many many buttons... that happened to be 'lost'. (and with a sad look on her face she wondered...will it ever be found?)

  2. I do hope you will get them back - maybe as a Christmas present from someone special? as a symbol of affection? or peace and love? or maybe you will have to visit that last place you remember seeing them? that might be a dream come true for someone... not necessary your gloves... and people say that women play games, I am inclined to believe otherwise ;-)

  3. The Everyday Pinup blog has nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award.

  4. "God is Chaos.
    Tithe Ritalin."
    -Marc Breed, Fine Artist

    "I laid nestled between the thighs of her dying body. The ambilical cord providing the scant nurishment, until rescued some 36 hours hence. You might say, I was born a fetish photographer."
    -Marc Breed