Monday, 7 March 2011

Dress inspiration

I am always jealous of my cats. They love everyone except me.
One used to bring dead trophies to my neighbour. Second one enjoys anybody's company but mine. And they absolutely adore my boyfriend.  
So now, when he's travelling we are all alone. I have their whole attention. I should be happy. But...

One of them, Wiktor, is stalking me. In my own flat.

He's constantly with me. Walking after me. Sleeping in the same time. Eating. 
I started to suffocate.
Fortunately water scares him off...and I can always go out.
Today I was driving around in search of the cheapest dry cleaner's.
To find out if my goldenish ruined eBay dress can go out clean. 

It's discouraging. But I Just can not stop buying vintage and precious seconds.
...and I love to watch these for a little bit of inspiration.

I've never seen this film but early sixties should be OK.

I am definitively going to watch it!

So decadent. I read that Dita von Teese in her young days used to get out in "this look" just in flats and cardigan.
I'm thinking of white simple knee length slip.

...well, this skirt length is this what I want...

The dress doesn't matter. I like the idea of having breakfast in the early early morning on the street in front of f.ex. Tiffany's window shop.
The dress doesn't matter but the idea of This Kind of Look does.

Wiggle dress!! it's just that you can not bike to the city.

I have no idea what's that! but it is on youtub and I'm going to watch it.

I really like Bettie Page Clothing but most of the time it's tragic polyester.
Anyway I just have a pencil skirt and sailor pencil dress 100% polyester. I have no idea how did it happen and why my plastic fabric knowledge came so late...
...but here I am stuck with couple of plastic bags as dresses.
However Bettie Page clothing can be innovative!
I love Gil Elvgreen. I can not imagine my year without his Taschen calendar!
And that's my favourite:

Who knows what's that?
Nylon, polyester, another plastic bag... but I really admire his fantasy.


  1. I told you about polyester!

  2. this dress length is the best, it shows ankles beautifully.
    Great blog :)