Wednesday, 9 February 2011

eBay Sale! and Samsonite please go.

I need to refresh my clothes archive. So I put some things on eBay hoping that somewhere there is a person, at least one, willing to try this what I already have.

It's for:
The Space
New Excitement
Someones Pleasure
again...The Space

I put some dresses which I got from second hand shops or in special offers. 

The simple Black

I actually played in this dress on one summer 'concert' organized by Kati.

I put it on sale on eBay HERE.

pink with white flowers and green edges

I really liked this dress. But I bought new ones and with time I stopped appreciate this one.
I will be more than happy to sell it. Quite courageous and very positive.
I sell it on eBay HERE

Silk and cotton dress

I love nice textiles and these are silk - top, cotton - skirt. I liked it in the beginning but now...
I realised I don't wear it anymore.
All eBay details HERE.

amazing Samsonite backpack !!!!

Really good high quality stuff! Three pockets! extra padlock and keys. Place for Laptop.
I got it as a gift.... But I just don't use backpacks. I have other great bags when I travel and I don't really take a part in survival trips around forest or mountains......
It will make my Month if I can get rid of this.
Pretty Cherry and brand new and as I saw the price on the net 75 GBP I put it 1/3 less.
More and more photos on eBay HERE

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