Saturday, 19 February 2011

Boudoir Bizarre - Grotesque Burlesque

The most interesting event in Denmark!!!
If you're coming here, make sure you sign up for this.
Because who wants to spin in Tivoli constantly? or shopping on Stroget and spending money for things which are available everywhere? There's C H Andersens sculpture and finally worth seeing: two Kunst Museum and Louisiana Museum. That's it.
So It is so important to experience some fetish.
It's good to sign up on Facebook to follow all updates.
And check the website.
All photos taken from: 

Sonja Sandorff,

by Pao-Lung Tsai,

At the entrance there were:

Party was about girls exposing their best fetish lingerie:

Some in masks:

There is music, couple of bars and a lot of shows. Any performer can present his/her show.
Few shows were at the same time.
Grannies. I was late so had no idea...

...marylin monroe songs band:

The most important was an amazing show of Tinus De Schunard!

some older videos:

All details about Danish artist Tinus, weight, hight, interest and targets HERE
Very magnetic and vivid!

I was amazed with amount of women partying only in underwear. Panties ans pasties.
This strong will to be naked was really intriguing.
There was also Libertine Club with their members dressed in German uniforms from II WW, whom you can see in theirs swastika bands on Salon Libertine website.
...sometimes I wonder if it's lack of education? impertinent ignorance? or just lack of class?
Well, as far as I know ( I heard from my Danish teacher ) there are no grades in Primary school in Denmark. ..or actually till the age of 15.

I would like to go again! Hopefully in summer. Have more drinks before and more fun inside.

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