Friday, 21 January 2011

Shaking Vintage Energy

Recently I have plenty of time to spoil myself! But it is like a silence before the storm.
I expect some changes, mostly geographical ones. Which makes me really happy, terrified and excited.
I feel quite lonely and rejected here. Looking around and seeing Danish couture 
(me - not - friendly) on Stroget which is widely appreciated and admired mostly (?) in Denmark itself, I miss a change.
Loving wide forms!
Stuck on 80s.
and comfort!

I admit I'll miss my flat and I'll hate to pack all the stuff. But that's not such a high price to pay for releasing from the world of copies. 

When I move first I'll run to:

I'll just pass by:

I'll loose myself in there:

and I'll finish on this one:

Denmark has amazingly convenient public transport and luxurious bike roads. Quite pleasant emptiness on the streets. There's freshness in the air. High quality (rather high price) products only. Guarantees safety and support ,
...and no Heart at all.

Everything what I buy comes from UK. It's my source of fashion diamonds.
So I just can not wait to really try on some vintage hats! I just found on Vintage Network Worldwide a girl having around 200 vintage hats in her collection.
Simultaneously with hats she collects all kind of hat-boxes which are usually triple more expensive than hats.

I think I'm more into boxes so I'll need a lot of space! 
And finally I'll stop buying hats with kind of closed eyes.

That is one of my favorite designers from 30s, one of the most innovative, Elsa Schiaparelli.

She "invented" shocking pink and started her friendship and cooperation with Salvador Dali creating Shoe Hat...

Wore by Gala and Dita von Teese in The Death of Salvador Dali.

There's something in Vintage fashion you can not find anywhere else. Just like with the music. Everything was already invented, it's just reused or reshaped. Just a matter of knowledge what was first.

"We must systematically cause confusion"
Salvador Dali

...creating series of dresses, designed by Dali:

So I can not wait to have a walk and see some variety. Find some inspiration here and there. 
And minimize the dislikers group who can not fallow this simple rule in Europe and other parts of the world - I hope :
Not asked, Not encouraged, Don't comment someones look in public 
(if it's not a compliment)
as it is just a sign of retarded rudeness 
Minus is... these people unfortunately travel.

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