Friday, 7 January 2011

Christmas blood, Red, Petticoat

I am exhausted after Christmas. I would gladly kill some people but first I fed them.
Cooking and decorating.
I so appreciated my house coat made by amazing dressmaker Malgorzata Cielecka.
Unfortunately we've never met. Just done everything through post and mails.
But it is truly great artist who takes up all kind of challenges. I sent to her sewing pattern from 1950s which I won on eBay and I was the lucky one because Mrs Malgorzata agreed to do it.

When it appeared it really works this way... a new door opened for me! New cash flow!
I am regularly checking vintage sewing patterns since then.

There are so many things which I want to make or buy to improve and improve.
When I look at this ikea stripe apron I'm not sure if I shouldn't get rid of it. 
F.ex. this unique Ginger Roberts apron in Monkey Business from 1952. Just in the beginning of this movie she's wondering around kitchen in tightly tied apron with frills. I so want it!
I couldn't find any better photo than this. 

I planed to make it by myself when I'll finally bring my sewing machine. But then it's always more exciting the get original one. So I activate my internet search again.
There's nothing like looking so glamorous among pots and dishes. At least I'll be pretty in case of sudden building evacuation...

Getting to the point. Which was the red dress from 1940s. From one of my favorite eBay sellers. Zipped sleeves, asymmetrical neckline, only one pocket and pads.
Rayon with one tiny hole but no drama.

Looking nice in the kitchen doesn't guarantee perfect hairdo afterwards.

I decided to keep myself in red this Christmas. Just to keep your blood boiling and yourself ready to kill.

I already bought a huge cotton petticoat from and I have to admit that it was 60GBP and worth it. Together with the corset and full skirt it does make contrast. 

There's nothing like being squeezed in a corset. Having huge bottom and tiny waist. You move differently and you feel differently. 
After some hours in it I get this strange feeling, I want something so badly ! 
but have no idea what?
I experienced that after swimming classes in primary school. Somehow I always thought it is Coca-Cola I wanted. Anyway...
In a corset you don't run. You're never in a hurry. It is absolutely not possible to move clumsy or ungraceful. 

Modeling your waist by corsets is much easier than I thought.
Couple of months: in a corset from time to time and vintage look shaping lingerie rest of the time and the progress is noticeable.
Less marks it leaves, better fits.
But better fit means custom made. is on my list but I just satisfy myself with 
This one, is What Katie Did. Kind of belt - corset.
It is not perfect because the gap is far from being as it should be.  It should never touch. 
I always felt that there is somewhere a good reason to have bigger hips.
It is very comfortable for day to day use.
It's possible to put it on in a short time and in the end even put the shoes on, totally tied.

So happy because of winning this amazing original 50s apron on eBay, I'll end this now.
I guess now I'll have to wear apron on apron.

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