Sunday, 9 January 2011

Extravagant Glamour

I found a photo of Catherine Baba on Dita's twitpic.

MySpace says Catherine is 75 years old. I doubt it but if so...Definitively she gained the knowledge and skills to shape her surroundings the way she feels like it.
MySpace C.Baba


I am wondering if she surpassed her art already. I think yes. Something in it is so unique. 
Extravagant Vintage Glamour.
So strong 20s. 
Hats. Turbans.
Lots of plastic ?, metal ?, wooden ?  jewelery.
High heels.
Very japanese and vintage.

Pin-up and turbans

Coats and Kimonos and Turbans

I don't really like trousers. Especially leggings. But I guess it's the most modern element in this composition and it looks great. This yellow is just magic but it is true that it makes the skin look sick. No one looks good in yellow. In this case rebuilt in this mixture I LIKE IT.

I like the idea of degrading Kimono and treat it as accidental wrap. 
The most simple The most difficult to invent.


The question is: how does she bike in this hat so it stays on?
Except winter, Bike is my transport. It is difficult in pencil skirts - if not unrealistic sometimes. Unless you do stocking city tour show.
High heels - doesn't make any difference.
Turbans keep close. That's easy. 
But a Hat? Hat pins are not the best...perhaps tied scarf around the hat...I don't know.
And just now! I decided She's Not a Human.

I've seen one comment of this photo (up) on someones blog. 
Saying it looks like 'homeless style'. Well...someone should throw a stone.

Head Clothes
It is always SO liberating Not to do your hair, just put something on your head.

This one is too Lego for me...

But these two!!! Which one is better? Not possible to decide.
And again.. How To Keep It On Biking ???

If this is the answer - now I understand. That's what I planed!

After this discovery I got even more fascinated with vintage hats. One source I can sincerely recommend is Crinoline-Lady selling original vintage headdresses from USA and UK. 
Has constantly new-old stuff.


I know that furs are the signature of glamour in 20s, 30s, 40s, ....
But nowadays...when animals, pets are our friends and almost family members, perhaps would be good if some PETA demonstrator splash Ms. Catherine with red paint.
It gives her a lot of decadence look though.
(...could it be faux fur?)

And just a small Saprophyte which is here because my friend inspired me today to the conversation about Furs. You want to keep your fur close - keep your friend as well.

It looks like even Dita modeled herself on Catherine Baba this time.
However turbans look better on small more square faces...

So this is it.
Truly inspiring.

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