Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dita legend frames

Can't look at yourself? Need a change?
I mean something more than just spending £200 on bras and knickers on sale...
There are only few things you can do; change your hair colour, do Botox or buy new frames
Lady in fancy optician salon tried to accuse me of wearing blank lenses but quickly I won this battle. -0,5 and -0,75 with -1 astigmatism in one eye. Yes!!!!!!

I thought stick to what you know..Dior cd 3207

So decided at first to get what I already have just in different color. Old reliable frame that's getting cheaper and cheaper facing end of production line.

Or dolce gabbana dg 3071 that I used as my sunglasses. 
Maybe white? Pink? Just to make me look even more suspicious..

And then suddenly after few weeks Rhonda Byrne with her "secret" brought me Dita von teese frames!!! Immediately in some sick state of extase started to research the net, photos and calling around all shops in London. 
I run around london like crazy shooting selfies since that's the only way how you can find out about yourself and frames.
Definitively recommend large wine before so others get drained to your good aura and propose to shot photos of you. Everyone.. Staff, people shopping...


One lady run out after me just to tell me "even if it cost fortune take it!!!"
So decided Dita Velour. Have no idea why everywhere they tried to sell it for 430-460 + lenses and first shop I went to offered me £340 and lenses for free in special offer.

£ 340 + free lenses with antiscratch and uvblock
additional £45 and will get you self cleaning... (what?)

They did try to convince me I need self cleaning ones for £45 already half priced but No.
Which color?? A little bit here, a little bit there and you know it.

Someone in the eye company informed me that dior and all those fancy brands are simply a shit. Produced in China from cheap materials with printed sign made in Italy where someone probably only put a tiny screw after frames arrive from Asia just to say we made it here. It gets easily damaged, distorted, and goes out of production quickly. It's a shit.
I said but I have dior...
Yes, I know- said gently...
Offered me to make Dita velour in nocolor means pure crystal for only £300.
Or any other shape or colour since they produce own frames. Not bad!! Something to think of if you want to go crazy or recreate vintage.

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