Saturday, 8 October 2011

Dita's collection

Dita von Teese posted very useful advice regarding How To Wear Your Stockings:

Stocking tips: Always buy more than one pair of the same style, so if once gets a run, just take another from a new package. Stockings are superior to pantyhose not just because they are more beautiful and feel more free, but because chances are, you may run one leg, but not the other, so the pair is not all lost when you have backups pairs. Next, do as the French do, and put the garter belt on FIRST! Panties (if any) go over the top so you can easily remove them for whatever reason and still have that lovely stocking and garter belt frame. Authentic fully-fashioned seamed stockings never have any lycra, therefore they have that lovely rasp of nylon, the welt with a keyhole in back, and of course, they have an authentic stitched seam and a cuban or french heel. Your garter belt must have stability to keep the seams straight; look for ones with six straps rather than four, one that is wide and sits firmly in place at the waist. Girdles and corsets accomplish this too. The stockings should frame the pelvis, not be too long, nor too short, but the top part of the stocking should rise to about mid-thigh. My signature stockings are made on the true vintage 1940s era mills, with every detail in place. Beware of faux seams and lycra! Welcome to the Cult of the Fully-fashioned Nylon Stocking! Accept nothing less!

And that's true. However some garter belts simply look terrible with panties wore over. Nylon stockings give you one and only feeling, are ridiculously expensive and no lycra imitation can replace them. There are only few pairs produced per hour that's why the price is around 20 EUR, 16GBP or 30 USD. Dita's collection used to be twice more expensive so I gave up on that long time ago. But not any more! I just checked and Secrets in Lace is selling them for 32 - 36 USD which is a surprise. 

However it's still unavailable in Europe, which leaves us with Eleganti and Gio.
I'd recommend to have a break from Gio since last few pairs I bought were with holes, different length or simply unfinished welt. My favourite shop Stockingshq sent me a replacement, informed that they have few more customers with the same problem and the whole story had a happy ending. 

Getting to the point ... not so long time ago Dita was involved in wonderbra collection.
There's no doubt she is stunning as always. She does a great job and is definitively presenting the brand in the most possible glamorous way. But it is also a bit of irony that artificial bust is advertising a perfect bra for all demanding women no matter the size and shape.
Because how does the collection really treats natural busts?

- with balcony bras which are sliding down from breasts
- with satin plunge bras that go smaller in sizes than the rest of the collection
However the one in dots and with movable straps and ribbons are one of my favourites.
And now... about 'looking for six straps garter belt'... the collection has belts and girdles with only 4 straps, so support is far from desired.

Of course whatever Dita is promoting I'm interested so I ended up with many bras - half of it I had to return, unfortunately - and garter belts. 
It will happen again when only her new collection will be released. 
Hopefully this time there will be min. 6 straps garter belt with panties wore over and cup sizes not only DD but even E if again some bras will appear to be smaller than the rest from the same line.


  1. I agree the nylon stockings look fab! I much prefer them to lycra varieties. Nice site you have.


  2. Lycra stockings should be forbidden ! I have few pairs = result of my regrettable shopping years ago. But I still wear them in winter under kilos of layers and with high boots. And every time I do it I realise how eager I am to spend more and more money for real nylons.

  3. I know, it is a terrible addiction!! I'm even looking at some silk ones - I can't see me affording those for everyday though!

  4. Thank you for the mention Lola, hope you finally got some Gios that were perfect.